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Machine Gun Cat
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Top 5 in no particular order;
1. Banjo Kazooie
2. Super Mario 64
3. Goldeneye
4. Mario Kart 64
5. Turok: Dinasour Hunter

I like Banjo-Kazooie, Super Mario 64, Goldeneye, Mario Kart 64, and Turok: Dinasour Hunter

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Originally Posted by Steven View Post
After a couple years, nobody has said Quest 64?
Most people don't know about it or have never played it. Same with WinBack, F-Zero, among a few other games that were just as good as most of the games on everyone's lists. Like Pokemon Puzzle League, remember that game?

Here's my list of favorite N64 games:

Pokemon Puzzle League
1080 Snowboarding
Mario Party
Mario Tennis
Mario Golf

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new to n64 gamming

hey guys i have not played alot of n64 im only 13 i have had this since i was born because i played with my sister i ave played dk 64 sm 64 ans ssb and these are all great games i havew recently orderd a ton of new games for n64 nes and so on and i cant wait till i get them i will keep you guys updated

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Originally Posted by Haze View Post
I like Super Smash Brother's, Super Mario 54, and Zelda Orcale of Time (Even though I can't beat it..........grrrrrrr)
.... Can't believe I never noticed that b4. Dude....

Hey Classic Kid, lots of the games posted in this forum are great and I'd looki into a few if I were you. To be honest I'm really glad to hear that someone from the younger generation is taking a bit of time away from the oh-so-common CoD and Elder Scrolls games to take a look at the good ol' classics. If you get a chance pick up some of the mario parties. Me and my friends can still sit down to that game and have some good laughs. Pokemon Snap is also a good one if your a pokemon fan. Let us know when you get some going!

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I like "Super Mario 64" and "Hey You, Pikachu!"

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