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Wii U controller image leak shows proper analogue sticks

Originally Posted by CVG
A QA tester for Traveller's Tales, the developers of Lego Star Wars, Lego Batman and - if the rumours are true - Lego Lord of the Rings, has leaked an image of a revised version of the Wii U controller.

The most noticeable change is that the controller now features traditional analogue sticks instead of the nubs used used on the Nintendo 3DS hardware.

Beyond that the start and select buttons have been shifted over to the right hand side of the tablet and a small square button has been placed just below the directional pad, presumably this button will sync up the controller to the Wii U console.

Finally the tablet is now adorned with the Wii U branding, which might be an indication that Nintendo will be sticking to the name instead of changing it, as rumoured earlier this year. It may be that these changes are specific to dev units, but we'd be surprised if the final models aren't the same.

A report last September claimed that Nintendo had rushed the final Wii U architecture through the door "with undesirable consequences" including "inadequate streaming and wireless functionality". Insiders have claimed the Nintendo is facing "development hell" with the Wii U as the controllers supplied to developers "still don't work properly."

The tipsters mentioned issues with console's ability to stream wirelessly to the tablet and new evidence last month indicated that the Wii U tablet controller might be struggling to live up to its original billing as a fully wireless peripheral. Either way we'll find out more at E3 in June, when Nintendo will be showing it off again.

EDIT: I've edited the picture to a rotating one showing the difference between the two.

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The Wii U controller always looked like it'd be really uncomfortable and hand-crampy to use IMO, and while I'm glad it has normal control sticks, it just seems like raising them and spreading things out would make it worse. But then again, I don't know if it's really as huge as I remember it looking and who knows how big those hands are haha. Guess I'll just find out when I buy it.

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