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Operative #19
Kept ya waiting, huh?

Journeyer Al Sighting 

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+2 vs. Chaotic Evil
Post your Tags the servers you play on and classses.


America - Demon Hunter

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Never Serious
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America: Level 24 Demon Hunter (who just can't kill Belial)
Level 13 Barbarian

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I went slow once and it was awful.

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Horadric Cube
49 Demon Hunter, Act 4 NM
10 Monk, just beat the 'beta' part of the game
30 Wizard, Act 4 Normal
9 Monk, HC, just before skeleton king

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  Destiny calls! Do you dare...witness its aurora?! Majestic Gate!
Know your enemy, know yourself, and maybe next time you won't get pushed off my world.
Dishing out blueplates like this was a diner since '98, and comboing ASMD since '99.

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