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wanted to say hey

hey guys i used to come to these forums like back in 2005 when i was in highschool, mostly posted in elderscrolls and KOTOR forums

i dont remmeber my old name, it was bindo something (from jolee in kotor) and that email address is long gone, but i had this one registered to my current gmail few years back

but my b-day was april 3 this month, and i got a email from the gamewinners site wishing me happy birthday and it was really nice, and it reminded me of the good times i had in highschool, just playing kotor and talking about it on the forums!

and yeah i been up to date with my games, got skyrim, played it like crazy!

i kinda liked oblivions leveling system more, and vampire system, but skyrim is awesome!


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Here's the thing with Oblivion and Skyrim; I like Oblivion soooooooo much more than Skyrim. My character feels so heavy, I'm not sure how I feel about everyone being a viking, and the voice acting isn't as enjoyable.

But mostly, I miss the Imperial Guards

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