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New hide code (for spoilers)

For those of you who found the spoiler code that unbearable

Originally Posted by Apollo View Post
Something that people have been requesting for some time is a spoiler BBCode that, instead of showing a simple black redaction-esque line, shows a button which, when clicked, unveils hidden text. So, after yet another request for this type of spoiler tag, I'm pleased to unveil...the Hide tag.

We're leaving the spoiler tag alone, so you still get your black line as always before:

 Just like this. Lovely, ain't it? 

But now you've also got the option of the Hide tag:

Why Hello There...

Bearing in mind this is being added on the grounds that it be used with common sense in mind (all the usual rules still apply, you can't circumvent the censors and so on...), so if it ends up being abused, we will remove it.

Having said that, enjoy!

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