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Horadric Cube
Which Class Will You Choose

I don't know if anyone here has looked into the classes yet, but I have watched multiple gameplay videos to get a feel for each of the characters. There is: Barbarian, Witch Doctor, Monk, Wizard, and Demon Hunter.

I am most likely going to choose the Monk. It seems like he will be good a soloing tough parts, but at the same time he is a good support character. His fast, critical attacks will go well with his healing abilities.

The only class I will not be is the Barbarian. Classes that are tanks don't appeal to me.

Anyone know what they are going to be come May 15th?

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Make a class cannon barbarian? You dont really need to make him tanky. Stack a crap load of crit and go swing things to bits!

I'm most likely making myself a mage. I might change that though, seeing that pretty much all the classes except monk interest me quite a bit. I might even make a melee mage right off the bat.

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I went slow once and it was awful.

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Horadric Cube
Melee wizard, of course.
And then I'll play the game with a NORMAL class, probably demon hunter. An assassin AND an amazon in one?
Count me in.
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I won't be playing. I am that annoyed that you have to be always online that I am simply not going to play. Tough luck, Blizzard! You've lost a valued fan.

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Demon Hunter is really the only one that appeals to me. I lack the patience for magic-based classes and the barbarian bores me. I know nothing of the monk. Also chances are they'll add more classes before I get it.

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