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Hi to everyone

Hi all, just new here. Want to ask I notice that most games being discuss are console game, anyone talks about online games here like WOW or Rift?

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is best-magic

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Welcome to GW, mang.

See...this is your first post, and (possibly) my first welcome post (). I blame it on the PSN maintenance.

In other news...GW's gamers vary from PC to console to iPhone, and with a title as big as WoW, I'd be willing to bet there's a lot of users here that play. But yeah, take a look around - see what there is to be seen. There is a specific forum for PC gaming (here)...but Video Game Bashing seems to be a pretty popular place to go and find out people's opinions and argue back and forth over which console's better, PC v Console, etc. People can get pretty opinionated in there, so don't let fanboys harp on you too much.

Have a PS4, PS3, PSVita, or XBox 360? I'll play witchu if you have these games.

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