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please help me figure out the name of that game!!

i am just trying to figure out the name of a game i played years ago on n64. you are a human, and you have a dog, and you are fighting aliens(bugs). and when you shoot them their arms and legs fly off and squirm around on the ground. this was a really cool game and sorry if i said something in my last post(mod) to make you think i was doing something illegal but that was just so i could get some sort of reference to find this game(and buy it) as i do own the actual system with all the bells and whistles and would much more prefer to play it on my tv and not my computer. so please instead of just shutting me down try to help me?

never mind i found it jet force gemini but thanks i guess

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Just Alu...only better.

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I'll also close this one.

Referencing downloading and using torrents here is not good, we're under pretty strict ToS and need to follow the law pretty stringently.


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