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Old November 13th, 2010, 01:04 AM   #46: [Thread] [Post]
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Alrighty, here we go.

Shadow of the Colossus: Beautiful game design. The graphics were WAY ahead at its time.

Halo: Combat Evolved: My first FPS. A great story and gameplay.

Paper Mario: Hey look, it's my childhood. RPG elements were pretty cool.

Halo 3: Let's see, fair matchmaking, addictive multiplayer, sweet campaign, what else?

MOTHER 3: This game left me teary-eyed. Awesome story and great gameplay, even for the Gameboy Advance.

BioShock: What happens when you combine superhuman powers, RPG elements, FPS elements, a creepy atmosphere and Greek mythology references? One hell of a game.

Fable: God I miss this game. It gave me reason to beer chug in later games, lol. Great gameplay too.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time: A noble prince got a magical dagger that controls time. The downside to that awesome dagger? Monsters are everywhere. This defined puzzle games.

Left 4 Dead 2: 4 survivors, great gameplay, cooperation, bunch of guns and a crapload of zombies. ****ing amazing.

And finally...
Team Fortress 2: God, I could say about 100 things that are great about this. Each class has it's own personality, there's customization, crafting, great online play, and one person can achieve in a class. Better than MW2.

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Hello Guys,

Nice to be shared here. I don't play more games. I play games free time.
Some games i play free times following as under :-
Taken 3
American plazza

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My Top Ten favorite games of all time are:

1. Disgaea(PS2) - Simply put one of the most addictive games ever, from the great battles to the characters make this my favorite game.

2.Dragon Force(Saturn) - A truly great Strategy/RPG that offers solid strategy, cool characters, and multiple characters to play as.

3.M.U.S.H.A.(Genesis) - One of the finest shooters ever made, from the solid graphics, balanced gameplay, and challenging bosses make it a steller title.

4.Ketsui(Import 360) - Cave's stellar shmup offers solid challenging bosses, tons of bullets, and great unlockables.

5.Suikoden 2(PSOne) - This is a awesome RPG with great characters, excellent storyline, and is truly engrossing.

6.Radiant Silvergun(Import Saturn/Xbla) - Treasure's amazing shmup that offers tons of gameplay, throws tons of bosses at you, and just plain fun.

7.Castlevania:Symphony of the Night(PSOne) - Konami's groundbreaking Action/RPG with a excellent mix of exploration.

8.Another Century's Episode 2(Import PS2) - From Software's awesome mech title featuring tons of anime mecha, that offers solid gameplay, tons of suits, and excellent presentation.

9.Dynasty Warriors:Gundam 3(X360) - Koei's awesome beat em up offers tons of mecha, solid updated gameplay(as in better collision), and fun for hundred of hours.

10.Fire Emblem:Holy Genealogy of War(Import Super Famicom) - Offering the standard Strategy/RPG gameplay with balanced fights, challenging battles, and unforgettable characters.

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M-M-M-Monster Kill!
It's not my favourite game of all time, but kudos on the Disgaea selection. I can entirely see why it's there.

"Mind if I use your phone? If word gets out that I'm missing five hundred girls will kill themselves."

Old May 13th, 2012, 12:42 PM   #50: [Thread] [Post]
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1. Half life - I played this game and it's hundreds of various singleplayer and multiplayer mods for over 10 years. Amazing modding community kept the game fresh and new for years.

2. Quake - yeah the first one, the art style so grime and dark so many shades of grey and brown, the sounds and atmosphere was just completely unique. unfortunately I missed out on the multiplayer because my family didn't have internet until quake 2. Doom and Wolfenstein were important titles in the genre and I enjoyed them too but quake 1 had something special for me the mysteriousness of the enemys and level design appealed to me more than Ids other shooters.

3. Rainbow Six - The first one and the second one Rogue Spear were the first FPS games I played online and first game I created a clan in. Incredibly hard, incredibly rewarding. I can't count how many times I was playing a singleplayer mission and would lose almost all my guys at one choke point and spend an hour creeping through so carefully with the very last guy thats already taken a bullet.
I loved the strategy part of this game too, spending all the time you want planning way points and go codes and which rooms to grenade and flashbang and getting to customize everyones weaponsets and items and the freedom of the levels where you can enter buildings from multiple points the strategic options available were massive for an fps at the time.

4. Metal Gear Solid - Just a great game in all aspects. Feels like your playing a movie, great blend of slow and fast pace.

5. GTA - Do what you want go where you want kill who you want, the game everyone wanted to be made. I remember picking this game up at EBgames and turning it around and seeing a city full of life to explore without blocked off corridors for you to be herded through like a cow on the way to slaughter, I thought it was impossible, to drive a car through a city get out and start setting people on fire it was just insane and the fact that I never heard about the game until it's right in front of me on the new releases shelf it took me completely of guard.
Great modding community too.

6. Earthbound - Loved this rpg a lot. I liked how it was based in modern time and the whole tongue in cheek feel to it just made it super relaxing and enjoyable.

7. Unreal Tournament - Jump in and start killing, fast paced mayhem right out of the box no bs. This was the first game I downloaded mods for but was too impatient to read a readme thoroughly and follow instructions, so I ended up copying and pasting the contents of 5 different mods into every UT folder and subfolder till the mods worked in game, only the way I installed them made every mod active at once which was incredible to have 5 different mods weapons in one level.

One day my friend was over and we were playing UT me and him vs like 10 bots on a LAN in my basement we had ordered a meat lovers pizza from Pizza Hut and were in gaming bliss. I felt completely fine but suddenly as soon as I no scoped a bots head clean off I instantly started to projectile vomit half digested tripple meat pizza all over the room like I was possessed.
I'll never forget the split second where I saw that bots head floating through the air right before the vom launch.

8. Resident Evil - The first Resident evil game is THE one for me, I've beat around 5 or 6 re games but number 1 has the truest survival horror vibe of all of them to me. Being stuck in a creepy mansion out in the woods with monsters is a much scarier premise to me than any of the other ones. the game had pretty bad voice acting but is still great despite that.
I think the defining point of this game for me was how it picked my curiosity, I wanted to find out what was going on, why were there zombies? who made them? whats their intent? whats with this mansion and its crazy riddles and secrets?
I mainly play shooter games so going to resident evil and being able to slowly explore and find keys and items and notes and conserving ammo was a nice switch up from that.

9. Silent Hill 2 - As soon as I bent a lead pipe over a spaz nutso mannequins head I was hooked. This game was scary as hell, playing with the lights off at night. I remember there being one room near the end its like a foggy courtyard outside with a very high wall around it, as I walked to the back following the right wall suddenly I heard footsteps running closer and closer to me! I couldn't see anything coming though I had to pause the game and have a breather my heart was beating so fast, when I unpaused the game the footsteps ran away from me, as I explored the room further I realized there was no enemy in the room at all it was just a soundclip that played everything now and then and it wasn't really that scary after I figured it out heh.

10. Goldeneye 007 - Who doesn't want to be james bond? the best bond title ever.
great single and multiplayer, massive amount of re playability is what I think made this title what it was. 3 different difficulty sets that came with their own objectives and unlockables for each level. I still remember the first time I played it, I killed every enemy in the Dam level and was trying to find where the bungie cord was so I could bungie jump off the dam, the objective said to bungie jump off the dam but I didn't see a bungie cord in my watchmenu so I thought I was gonna die if I jumped off. Finally after scouring the whole level for a long time I just jumped off and a cutscene played that showed bond, without any bungie cord tied to him jumping right off the dam. I guess they just couldn't animate the cord or were too lazy or something I actually beat the level but when I saw that cutscene I thought I was dead haha.

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My favorite game are :

1. Need for Speed
2. GTA
4. WWE
5. Tom Rider
6. Lord of the Ring
7. Twin Eagle
8. JumpMan
9. Beyond the Beyond
10. Takken 3

Old June 23rd, 2012, 12:36 PM   #52: [Thread] [Post]
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Originally Posted by rannyann
9. Beyond the Beyond
For... PSX? That Beyond the Beyond?

As possibly the only person left on GameWinners that owns the game, I feel compelled to mock you.
  Deleting the bookmark. Take care, and thanks for the memories.  

Old March 15th, 2013, 06:05 AM   #53: [Thread] [Post]
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Too long to name 10 so I'll just name 5

1. To the Moon - Brilliant piece of art made by an indie games designer. The game manages to incorporate a light sense of humor whilst dealing with the topic of someone's death. It was also extremely sad and will make you shed manly tears.

2. Shadowrun - apart from the really aweful controls and lack of information of what to do, this game is probably the best game on SNES (imo). It has great music, storyline and is a true classic cyberpunk RPG.

3. Lone Survivor - Multiple endings, and basically Silent Hill in 2D, need I say more?

4. Day Z - Zombie survival game, this is as realistic as it gets. Its about scavenging around for food and weapons and avoiding zombies. This gets really difficult at night where its almost impossible to see. You basically start with no items at all - all guns have ammo, flashlights have batteries, you need to find your own map etc.

5. Metal Gear Solid 4 - Amazing game, also one of the saddest endings ever. Only bad thing is it requires too much dialogue and explaining.

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All time my favorite games are ;Altair, Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, Big Daddy, Chris Redfield, Kratos, Sonic the Hedgehog, Marcus Fenix and many other games are my favorite which i always want to play.

Old August 31st, 2013, 10:55 AM   #55: [Thread] [Post]
UofL Cardinals, NY Yankees, NY Giants

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Horadric Cube
Can't believe I haven't done this yet...really wish it was easier to rank, some games I've played a ton of times, others like Morrowind, I only played once, but over I guess it evens least with songs and movies its easier to reevaluate as its easier to watch or listen for at most an hour and a half (movie), but games are much harder (at least newer games/non rpgs)
  1. Final Fantasy 6
  2. Super Mario Brothers 3
  3. A Link to the Past
  4. Sonic the Hedghog 2
  5. Final Fantasy IX
  6. Knights of the Old Republic
  7. Mass Effect 2
  8. Morrowind
  9. Super Mario World
  10. Kingdom Hearts

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Final Fantasy Series
Mario Series
Call of Duty 3
Battlefield 4
Far Cry
Assassin's Creed
Fallout 3
Diablo 2
Civilization 2

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