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Cool Favorite Gamecube Games

IF you still play gamecube, what are some of your favorite games that you have and do you have any hints/cheats that you can share?

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Guitar Hero
Super Smash Bros. Melee, Mario Kart Double Dash, Star Wars Rogue Squadron 2: Rogue Leader, and Sonic Adventure 2: Battle are my four favorites.
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Some of my favorite GameCube games are:

Fire EmblemOR
Resident Evil(all games on the GC)
Baten Kaitos
Tales of Symphonia
Skies of Arcadia:Legends
Naruto:Clash of the Ninja 1-4(3 and 4 are import)
Chaos Field
Radilgy Generic(Import)
Doshin the Giant(Import)
Chibi Robo
Legend of Zelda:Wind Waker and T Princess
Baten Kaitos Origins
Tengai Makyou 2(Import)
Super Robot Taisen(Import)
Harvest Moon:AWL,AWL,MM

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I'd probably have to say that my favorite gamecube games are:
1. Metroid Prime (1 & 2)
2. Pikmin
3. Animal Crossing
4. True Crime: NY City

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Metroid Prime and Resident Evil 4!

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Horadric Cube
I loved Resident Evil: Code Veronica, but then again I loved it for Dreamcast. SSB was awesome and I thoroughly enjoyed Madden 05, not sure why that year sticks out, but it does.

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Miss Understood
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My favorite one to play is Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. Don't know why, I just love playing it and it never gets old.

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Horadric Cube
Games that I still play now huh? Worms3D, Mario Golf, Super Monkey Ball, Super Monkey Ball 2, Super Smash Bros. Pretty much good multiplayer games. Except Double Dash!! Never had that.
Just started Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg again actually, so that can go on there.

As for general faves, you can add to the list: Skies of Arcadia, Tales of Symphonia, Wind Waker, Metroid Prime 1 and 2 - to name a few.
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These are some of my favorites...
Mario Kartouble Dash
Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door
Star Wars Rebel Strike: Rogue Squadron III (what a mouthful)
Mario Party 7
Super Mario Sunshine
NFS Hot Pursuit 2

The first one was supposed to be Mario Kart: Double Dash but I didn't space the : and the D.

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Miss Understood
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Recently I start playing Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life again. Sometimes I just get impulses to play one certain game, and then I play that for a while, then I stop. I'm a binge HM player.

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These games are not in any particular order except for the first two.
1.) Tales of Symphonia.
2.) Super Smash Brothers
3.) Madden series (from 06 and on)
4.) Custom Robo
5.) Call of Duty Finest Hour
6.) Call of Duty Big Red 1

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ha ha ha no ones put down Timesplitters yet.

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Some of my favorite GameCube games:

1. Pikmin
2. Pikmin 2
3. Army Men RTS
4. Cod 2 Big Red One
5. Mario Kart Double Dash
6. Luigi's Mansion
7. Super Mario Sunshine

I lost like every one of these games and my GameCube doesn't read any games, so

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I'm surprised Mario Party wasn't mentioned. That is like the BEST game to play with your friends. Its heaps funny too because you can be doing well the whole game and 1 chance time and screw you over lol.

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