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The best race/birthsign matchups?

I've recently been playing around with new charcters and using different races and signs.I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for different roles to maximize benifits.I would like some ideas for:Fighters,Mages,Sneaks,Marksmen,Spellswords or anything else you could come up with.

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I normally go for a fighter/healer class, with I think I used the Tower birthsign, myself - both really best suit me, since I'm a fan of melee (except in stuff like Fallout 3 - guns are the one that that overrules melee ) and I also like to heal myself, rather then having to always rely on potions - and I do always like to use guile when it comes to easy money...
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For mages I usually used a Breton because of their high resist magic ability. As for signs, if this were for Morrowind I'd go with the Atronoch, but with Oblivion it isn't worth it since everyone regains mana over time. The Apprentice or the Mage are also good signs. The +Spell Absorbtion on the Apprentice is nice since it has a chance on taking harmful spells and turn them into mana. The +50 Magicka on the Mage isn't the greatest, but it's a safe bet for anyone who doesn't want any drawbacks on their sign.

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