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Exclamation The Battle of Philadelphia (A Summary)

Long ago, dinosaurs roamed the earth. Then a comet wiped them out. Or maybe it was a volcano. Hmm. Nobody really knows for certain.

The point is, since man stepped foot on the planet, three things have evolved: The degree of anger; the degree of competition; and man himself. As time would progress, the competition between man and fellow man would transcend prior boundaries, making tremendous leaps from struggles for food, shelter, and love to struggles for money, power, and material possessions.

In the modern day and age, wrestling is the grittiest, most realistic reflection of the savage competition between cavemen in times long forgotten. Holding roots in such events as theatron of Greece, wrestling has slowly evolved from a small, cult-like attraction for the entertainment of the powerful and wealthy to a popular form of entertainment for the entire world.

Man, woman, and child alike can view professional wrestling in local arenas, without having to travel to a particular area of the country, as pro wrestling has slowly expanded throughout not just the United States, but the entire world, from the frozen tips of Europe and Canada to the southern point of Australia, and everywhere in between, including all of Europe, Japan, other parts of Australia, Canada, and the United States, as well as Mexico and South America. Some great warriors even participate in battles in Madagascar, thought they are heavily underrated.

While professional wrestling is about competition between man and man, this competition exists on many levels. Not only are wrestlers competing against each other in the squared circle, but owners and bookers are competing against fellow companies in their area, with promotional wars occurring nearly daily. And of all the promotional battles occurring in our modern society, the Battle of Philadelphia has become centerpiece for the buffet table of athletic competition.

A great wrestling company, the Eastern Wrestling Association once dominated the entire east coast, and held events in arenas from the top of Maine, clear down to the coasts of Florida. While its investors heavily enjoyed the prosperity, many felt the direction for which the EWA was destined changed course from the original ideals. Old school values and technical wrestling were set aside as a new era of weapon-induced hardcore wrestling was brought toward the forefront of wrestling during the mid to late 1990s.

As the new millennium rolled around, EWA was in shambles. Its investors and bookers would constantly bicker over the type of wrestling they desired to showcase. Ultimately, it was decided that EWA would become a “catch all” type of wrestling promotion in which it possessed something for everyone, but over the course of the last five years, things have fallen apart, to the point where in 2006, the Eastern Wrestling Association split. From its ashes, two new wrestling promotions have arisen.

Pro Wrestling Warriors is a blend of hard-hitting strong-style wrestling; with the old school style of promos and ethics, as well as more modernly adapted pure wrestling and technical wrestling, with influences from Canada and Mexico. When EWA split, most of the financial backers formed Pro Wrestling Warriors. It’s old-time, old school, and traditional style of a wrestling promotion is an attraction of the more conservative at heart.

Hostile City Pro Wrestling is what many bookers wanted EWA to become in the new millennium. The hardcore, “garbage” style wrestling promotion doesn’t have the financial backing of EWA, and can’t sign such big stars. It instead relies on a risqué, grittier presentation to attract a fanbase of rabid attendants.

These two wrestling organizations are destined to clash, as while they are distinctly different in ideals and style, one thing about them is the same: they want the adoration of the fans… of South Philadelphia.

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