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PSP networking guide


1. You must own a PSP with some sort of browser. (Hey, I said this was a guide for Dummies didn't I?)


2. You must have internet access via dsl, cable, 10baseT, satellite... as long as it's FAST.

3. You must have a wireless router/ broadcaster of some kind at 802.11mb PLEASE NOTE: Due to the many different types of routers there are, the information provided here concerning the router may be slightly or greatly different from yours. I strongly suggest that you use a little common sense and creativity by using the information I have provided here. FYI, my router is a Netgear MR814v2. Also, make sure your router's firmware is current.


1. Ensure that your router is working properly. Is the power on? Are all of the appropriate lights on?

2. Ensure that your internet connection is working properly. (You got here, so I'm assuming it is...)

3. Ensure that your PSP has plenty of battery power, and is turned ON.

4. Ensure that your PSP LAN switch is turned ON.

5. Have your router's set-up disk handy. If you do not have your setup disk, search the internet for an online manual for your particular model of router.

6. Have a pen and paper handy.


1. First, let's take a look at your router setup. In order to do this, you need to open a new, empty browser window on your PC, and you need to enter the IP address of the router itself. Generally, this should look like this: You should preferably use Internet Explorer to do this. If this address does not direct you to your router, your router may have a different address. In order to get this, you should first attempt to run the set-up program on your router's disk. You may be asked for a password before you are able to directly access the router. Commonly, the username and password are: admin/password. However, if you do not know your username and password for the router, you may need to reset the router physically. See "ROUTER TROUBLESHOOTING" below to do this.

Have you connected to your router?

Yes, I have connected to my router - proceed to step 2
No, I have not yet connected to my router- proceed to "ROUTER TROUBLESHOOTING" below

2. Now that you are connected to your router, let's examine some of your settings. Navigate within your router's settings dialog and locate "Wireless Settings" (or similarly titled).

3. Verify that you have been assigned an SSID.

4. Verify that your region is correct.

5. Verify that you are on channel 11. (This may be different. My particular router broadcasts on 11. The PSP will scan for available channels. If you have problems connecting, try changing this setting.)

6. Verify that "Enable Wireless Access Point" is enabled.

7. Verify that "Allow Broadcast of Name (SSID)" is enabled

8 Under "Security Encryption (WEP)", set authentication type as "Open System". Set Encryption Strength as "Disable" . (If you enable encryption, see the next step.) Otherwise, continue to step 9. NOTE: You may also need to reduce your encryption to 64 bit.

I. Under "Security Encryption (WEP) Key", select "generate". Make note of the generated key. Be sure to click on "Apply" or "Finish".

9. Click on "Wireless Card Access List" if available. You may be prompted again for your password.

I. Be sure that "Turn On Access Control" is disabled

II. Is your PSP listed here? If not, then do the following: On your PSP, navigate to "System Settings" Then navigate to "System Information". Make note of your MAC address.

III. In "Wireless Card Access List" select "Add". You can figure this out by yourself, canít you? If not, then enter your PSP's MAC address as you've noted it. Be sure to hit "Apply" or "Finish" when you are done.

10. Under WAN settings, verify that "Connect Automatically, as Required" is enabled.

11. Under"LAN TCP/IP Settings" make note of all of the information included. You may need this later. You may not, but it's a good idea to take note of it now.

12. Under "Router Status" make note of all the relevant information included here as well. You may or may not need it.

UPDATE (9-30-05): As pointed out by user "Thespeedbox" in another thread, you may also need to modify your router's mode settings. You want to set your router to broadcast either in "Mixed Mode", or "B" only.


1. Turn your PSP on if you haven't already.
2. Ensure that your WLAN switch is turned on. (You might want to turn off the WLAN powersave option. This increases your speed. However, it's not necessary just to get online.)

3. Perform a factory reset. In order to do this, select "Settings", then select "Restore Default Settings". You will not lose any information or data by performing this step.

However, you may need to reset your wallpapers. Set your name, date, time, etc...

4. Power down your PSP. Wait 10 seconds, then power it on.

5. Navigate to "Network Settings".

I. Select "Infrastructure Mode"

II. Select "New Connection" Name this connection as you deem appropriate.

III. Navigate to "WLAN Settings" Select "Scan".

IV. Your router should now be listed. If it is, proceed to step VI. If it is not, and you followed all of the steps so far, then something is wrong with your PSP, or the settings, or a combination of both. See "ROUTER TROUBLESHOOTING" and "PSP TROUBLESHOOTING" below.

VI. Navigate to "WLAN Security Setting". If you did not select encryption in ROUTER SET-UP, step 8, then leave the option as "None"

VII. If you selected encryption in ROUTER SET-UP, step 9, then select the appropriate WEP, or WPA..

VIII. Navigate to "Address Settings". Select "Easy"

IX. Navigate to "Setting List". Verify that your settings are correct.

X. Navigate to the next screen and press X to save your settings. You should get a message that says "Save Completed. Test Connection". Press X.

XI. You should get two quick display messages. The first should say "connecting to access point." The next should say "obtaining IP address".

YES! I got these messages, and I am now able to connect to the internet. WARLOCK01, you rock! Thank You!!!

Congratulations! Now, go use your PSP to do the same thing you can do on your PC now, only smaller and slightly slower. What fun.

NO! I did not get these messages, and I am still unable to connect. WARLOCK01, you s*ck! I hope you croak!

Well, it s*cks to be you. Take a large hammer, smash your PSP into little bits, rip your hair out, and set your PC on fire.
No seriously, continue to PSP TROUBLESHOOTING below.


If you are having trouble with your router, then there are some things that you may need to do. First, consult your user manual or set-up disk, and ensure that you have followed all of the instructions. If you are still having problems, then you may need to contact your router's manufacturer customer support. If you are simply unable to physically connect to your router via Internet Explorer, but you are able to surf the internet, then there is nothing wrong with your router and you should try a factory reset on the router. Generally, this is done by locating the reset button and pressing it for 10 seconds. You may need a small ink pen to do this, as the button may be real tiny....

If you are still having problems, please post here, and we'll try to walk you through any additional steps necessary to get you into your router's set-up dialog.


If you are still having trouble connecting your PSP to your router, but if you are able to connect to your router through Internet Explorer, then there is simply something wrong with your settings. Please go back and make sure that you have made the appropriate adjustments to your settings as I've outlined above. If you still cannot connect, then you may need to manually enter specific connection information into your PSP. In order to do this, retrieve the notes you made earlier with all of that great technical information, and enter the appropriate information into your PSP. You did take notes didn't you? You didn't? Jeez, what a noob. You suck.

(originally posted by WARLOCK01)


Basically there are 2 ways to download PC to PSP (via the USB cable, which you will find youself using a lot, for only about 10 dollars.) or directly to the PSP, with MP3 downloads or games. Videos must be saved in a certain type of mp4 video that can be converted using PSP Video 9.
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Originally Posted by lost4words View Post

I have a PSP (old style), with firmware 2.71 (needs updating i know)

But i cannot connect to my Netgear router. It is the WPN824 v3.

It finds the SSID fine, has 100% signal strength, all settings and the key is correct, yet the psp trys to connect to the wireless and then trys to exchange key info, yet does not connect, just keeps doing this and then says 'A connection error has occurred. The connection to the access point timed out.'

Any help would be greatly appreciated....

Also are PSP's region defined like the ps2/ps3? As i brought mine in Australia (was slightly cheaper ) yet i live in the United Kingdom... Has this caused any problems?
You could try updating. Sometimes the PSP has problems with connecting, and updating fixes them. However, I can't guarantee that will work

Still, the PSP's internet is dreadfully slow.

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"A Connection Error has Occurred.
The Connection to the access point timed out"

I don't know how to fix this, it was working before and now it just wont connect! Any help?

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... Who?

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That means your signal isn't strong enough. It's taking to long to get a signal

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