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Dead or Alive 5 Has Costume-Specific Bounce and Transparency

Originally Posted by Andriasang
Girl-specific bounce is nothing new. But Dead or Alive 5 takes the bounce to new heights with costume-specific bounce.

In an interview with Famitsu Xbox 360, a partial transcript of which was posted today to, director Yohei Niibori revealed that the game's breast movement will vary not just by character, but by costume as well.

The clothing transparency level will also vary by outfit.

We've thus far seen all new costume designs. However, the game will also have arranged versions of past costumes, producer Yosuke Hayashi said.

Hayashi also spoke about the game's collaboration with Virtua Fighter. After the arcade release of Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown in July 2010, he visited Sega with a design doc and some demo footage. The collaboration was in place from the early phases of the DOA5 project. Team Ninja is working with the Virtua Fighter development staff on such things as modeling, motion and gameplay.
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