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Skylanders - 2nd Game File not registering Skylanders

I completed SKylanders game and I loved it. Anyways I got all 32+ Skylanders and the Legendary Ones, etc. Im trying to level up everyone to level 10, do their heroics, and buy all the upgrades. (This game is that awesome so gotta do it all even at the age of 28)

Anyways I thought it would be a lot easier just to start a new game file instead of redoing the levels since I pretty much found all the treasures, legendary treasures, etc.

So i started a new file and started loading my Skylanders on the portal and when I go to collection it doesnt show any of them and doesnt give me the bonus XP. In Fact it doesnt even show 1 of my Skylanders...

Does anyone esle have this problem. I think its cuz I have a saved game file already but i wouldnt think it would be a problem.

Theres no way Im going to keep playing the same levels over and over to only get like 200 Gold (cash whatever you want to call it)

If u restart the game u get like 1000+ each level...what should I do to get money faster?
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