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Pandora's Tower heralds Nintendo's return to GAME

Originally Posted by MCV
Nintendo has become the latest publisher to jump back into bed with retailer GAME, it would appear.

Todayís new release Pandoraís Tower: Limited Edition for Wii heralds the return of Nintendo in GAME. Before the retailer went into administration Nintendo refused to sell it stock of either Wii RPG The Last Story, Namco Bandaiís Tekken 3D Prime Edition or Resident Evil: Revelations (it acted as distributor for the latter two).

The company joins the likes of Namco Bandai and Microsoft in patching up recent grievances.

And other key partners such as Activision and Take-Two appear to be onside, too, with pre-orders being heavily pushed for both Prototype 2 (April 24th) and Max Payne 3 (May 18th).

Sadly, however, EA appears to remain out of action with GAME not yet offering new stock of recent titles such as Mass Effect 3 or FIFA Street.

I'm thinking we need to merge all the threads in here based on GAME, just needs a new title...

OpCapita's new-look, slimmed-down GAME is back in bed with EA.

Like most other publishers, EA had cut ties with GAME prior to administration after failing to agree to a reduced payment proposal put forward by the then troubled retailer.

SSX was the last EA title to hit GAME shelves, meaning that the retailer was unable to offer chart hits such as Mass Effect 3 and FIFA Street.

But now key EA titles are available online with an expected return of stock in-stores next week.

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