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General Tso
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Hmm Holdout - AJ Cross

It's a few days following WPW's controversial, but successful, Last Laugh pay-per-view. You've just been linked to via some major dirt sheet website. The title of the video simply reads "An Open Message To World Pro Wrestling". After buffering the video starts with AJ Cross strolling onto the scene with a dull, yet smug look on his face. He wastes no time in starting his rant.

AJ Cross
What happened at Last Laugh was a disgrace. What has become of this beautiful business I was once proud to be apart of? What happened to it being about respectable competition and not incessant gang banging and invasions based on absolutely nothing. Which is precisely why at this moment, I'm wearing neutral gang colors. There I said it, I am not a WPW loyalist. Why should I? I mean, even if I were to support WPW, what's in it for me?

He lifts his head and stares directly into the camera, looking a little more intense now.

My name is too valuable and my face is far too delicate for these tedious little gang wars. All I wanted to do was back up Jack to ensure he didn't get murdered. You know, the honorable thing. But I also wanted to get home in time to sleep in my own bed, in my own house, and eat breakfast with my family, but instead I'm somehow caught in the middle of World War 3. I know I made the decision to show up at Last Laugh on my own free will but I can't help but feel a little used. Not just by Jack. Not just by Colleen. But by every single one of the WPW fans as well. But luckily for me, I wrestled at Last Laugh as a free agent and therefor I am not obligated, morally or otherwise, to be just another lackey to Colleen Winters. Over the next few weeks, I am scheduled to meet with the WPW Board of Directors regarding my new contract but I highly doubt my VERY FAIR AND WELL DESERVED dema-- er, requests will be affirmed.

And not just because they're cheap. That's only half the reason. Fact is, I've been an unappreciated and underpaid role model and contributor to this sport for too long and it PAINS me to see lesser men with lucrative deals while I'm collecting chump change like a common bum. Guys like Daniel Shine, who has only established himself as two things over the past few years, a crybaby and a sore loser. Part-timers like Malice, a glorified thug, and Sean Walker, notorious lowlife. They are nothing more than wrestling pariahs. They are the ones getting the true last laugh every time they decide to crawl out of their holes all the way to the bank. It strikes a nerve with me EVERY SINGLE TIME I see people like that, people who were directly responsible for the death of PWW, always welcomed back with nurturing arms and graciously swayed into hogging the spotlight. It's because of them that a good man lost his passion for this business. We miss you, Blake. Bro love for life.

He grimaces at the thought of every time he's been treated unfairly (in his mind) and everyone who leapfrogged over him on his way to the top.

But you know what's even worse than all that though? I hear bottom-dwellers like Johnny Reed, Prince Angelos, and ZERO get paid a hefty sums over at Pro Wrestling Plus for reasons that escape me at the moment. I know for a fact that I'm on their radar and I'd be willing to bet that they know how to treat a respectable member of society such as myself. See, I don't owe anyone in WPW a damn thing. The only organization I've ever had loyalty to is long gone. And in retrospect, it feels like like every sacrifice I made, every honorable deed, and every drop of blood I shed, was just a big waste of time. I left it all in the ring every single night for absolutely nothing. If World Pro Wrestling wants my services, well, they know where to find me. In the meantime, consider this a holdout.

And finally, Colleen, allow me to leave you with one final closing message. If you truly want to win this war then I recommend taking these negotiations a little more seriously next time we meet. Otherwise, I think you should strap on the boots yourself since you apparently care so much about a company that can't even secure a television deal. Don't waste another second of my time because unlike those pathetic deadbeats in the back you call an army, I don't need to wrestle to earn a living. With or without you, I will continue to live a very fulfilling life. The price isn't cheap, I know, but if you just dig deep a little, maybe you'll be able to embrace me for what I am. I am the best thing going in every walk of life. Don't be stupid. And most importantly, don't treat me like I'm stupid. I look forward to seeing you.

Cross smiles like the pompous prick he is and waves as the video comes to an end. WHAT HAS COME OVER AJ CROSS?

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just won this thread

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I loved it. I want to live in AJ Cross' bizarro world where Blake's a good man. Probably a much more interesting world.

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I mean seriously, LOOK AT THAT POST!

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This was great, dude. My only recommendation would be spending an extra minute or so to skim for errors. For example, you said "War War 3" instead of World War 3.

But yeah, awesome stuff, except for the Blake Straker love. That's SICKENING.
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Eternal Phoenix
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General Tso
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the newest and best way of getting cheap heel heat: complimenting Blake Straker

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TD, Jr. Returns
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Originally Posted by General Tso View Post
the newest and best way of getting cheap heel heat: complimenting Blake Straker
*Meanwhile, Johnny Reed is seen writing down something in a notebook.*
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the dmg
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I'm trying to catch up on these promos because a lot of effort was put into them by everyone leading up to the PPV, especially people that did multiple promos.

Good work here.
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