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Double }{
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Explanations and Accusations (GC press conference)

Found exclusively on the brand-new Pro Wrestling Plus website, merely a day after the unbelievable conclusion of WPW's Last Laugh Pay-Per-View event, is the video of a press conference called by the collective members of the Gentlemen's Club: Prince Angelos, Jason Moore, and of course, the man who claimed the WPW Championship at the PPV's conclusion, Double H. Each member is dressed in an immaculate suit as they take the stage, though Hunter is sporting a very conspicuous piece of hardware--indeed, the WPW title is draped over his shoulder, and the careful observer would note that the nameplate has even been changed to that of his own, despite the fact that he wasn't even involved in a match for the belt!

As Angelos and Moore flank him, Hunter steps up to the podium, shifting the belt to the table beside him before he speaks...

"I understand you all have many questions, but before I provide any answers, allow me to say this: possession is nine-tenths of the law, and as of this very moment, I am in possession of the WPW World Heavyweight Championship. Therefore, I expect to be treated as such--not only as a living legend of this business, but as a champion. With that in mind, you may begin."

The so-called "champion" relaxes a bit as Moore begins picking out members of the press for his stablemate...

"Mr. Hendricks, I hope I'm not being too vague, but the obvious question on everyone's mind is why? What prompted you and the rest of the Gentlemen's Club to turn your back on World Pro Wrestling and ally yourselves with the enemy?"

"First of all, let me make this perfectly clear to anyone following that line of thinking: you are viewing the situation as black and white, and it is not so...or rather, it was not so. When this all began, there were no 'enemies' for the Gentlemen's Club; rather, we were quite content to relax and watch the world burn before us while we lived like kings. There has never been any love lost between myself and Darius Falcon--if you'll recall, I fired that man from my own company several years ago after a single match--but then again, I've really no reason to bear any allegiance to anyone in WPW either, save for the gentlemen who share the stage with me at the moment.

Ultimately, my comrades and I created our own fate. We unabashedly played both ends against the middle, and when Colleen Winters decided that Prince Angelos had somehow offended her, or her viewers, or whatever flimsy excuse she sputtered out, the decision was made without a second thought. Make no mistake--it's entirely unlikely that, within a month's time, the Gentlemen's Club will be any more 'welcome' in a PW+ ring than in any other, but for now, our cigars are lit, and our glasses are full..."

As he speaks, Hunter reaches over and picks up the WPW Championship, pointing to it triumphantly...

"...and this, this elusive little trinket, is finally ours. The WPW Championship now rests comfortably in the hands of a truly credible superstar--not the likes of a never-was like Davy Honor, nor a perennial Miss Congeniality like Chris Chambers, but a real champion of which World Pro Wrestling could be proud...if only I were still a WPW superstar.

And while we're on the subject, before the question is posed, I'll preemptively answer: I do indeed intend to be a fighting champion, as it were. In fact, it is with great pride that I am officially announcing an open challenge for the next PW+ event, Call to Arms, to any WPW superstar brave--or stupid--enough to attend and step into the ring across from me. If you manage to win, you can have that pathetic piece of leather and garbage back. But when I win, you'll turn around, walk back into Colleen Winters' shadow, and never emerge from it again. It's as simple as that."

With the press in attendance buzzing over that reveal, more questions rise up from the crowd...

*OOC: Op or X only, please.

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Operative #19
Kept ya waiting, huh?

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Double H motions for someone to come to the podium and take his place. Prince Angelos stands and walks over, shaking HH's hand before turning to the crowd.

Prince Angelos
I'll ask that you hold your questions for the time being as I have a few things I would like to say.

Firstly, addressing the events of the past few weeks. I think it's apparent by now that the Club joining the ranks of PW+ was something that has been planned since the inception of PW+. This is not meant to imply we have any kind of fondness for PW+ over WPW or any other promotion out there. Simply put, the ineptitude of those in charge at WPW had run its course, and we as a group have had enough of it. This started last year with the appointment of Chris Linden as commissioner of WPW, an action with led to WPW going stagnant for more than three months, costing what undoubtedly would have been millions of dollars and leaving its employees and contracted talent wondering about their job stability.

This was capped off when Linden was finally ousted and in his place Colleen Winters was appointed. We were told that WPW would be returning to its previous state of affairs, and would soon be better than ever. However, what we got was a tyrannical woman who had no interest in anything beyond throwing her weight around. This is a woman with absolutely no experience in any kind of management position, and very little experience in anything at all. Her ineptitude when it comes to running the day-to-day operations of WPW was proven when she chose to fire me last night, an action which will have legal consquences.

This prompts whispers from the crowd, mostly about the viability of this statement.

You see, I've spoken with my legal team, and considering that I wasn't actually contracted to WPW as a competitor any longer it is clear that I was not bound by the same terms that Winters laid out when she revealed herself as being in charge of World Pro Wrestling. The logistics of thing are very boring, so I won't go into that, but let's just say that WPW cannot currently afford what is coming to them, from both the legal front, and in the form of competition. To quote a good friend of mine "apparently the contracts we sign aren't worth the paper they're written on." And this final action was the last straw, sort of speak. When you fired me Ms. Winters all you did was effectively write the end of WPW and your reign atop the wrestling industry. You alienated three of your top superstars, one a multi time world champion. And, knowing our reputations like you apparently do, did you not expect repercussions? Naive is not something I would have taken you for, Colleen.

Now, if you have any questions I'm free to take them.

Angelos indicates someone in the crowd.

On the PW+ website it indicates that at Call to Arms you, Prince Angelos, will be taking on ZERO. Do you have anything to say regarding your match, to us or to ZERO himself?

Angelos takes a deep breath and now has a stern look on his face.

I'm going to be honest, this is a match I do not want. If I were anyone else I would consider placing me in a match with someone is of the mental instability of ZERO at this time to be careless and irresponsible. ZERO has no place being in a wrestling ring, much less as a member of society. This is a man to who showed up last night to an event he had no business being at. He wasn't a fan, he wasn't booked to appear, he showed up for no other reason than to cause bodily, physical harm to another human being. It was completely unwarranted, the man he tried to assault was doing nothing beyond enjoying the show and was blindsided.

And for what? Because ZERO failed in being a man? Because he, instead of being there to protect that which should be most precious to him, was elsewhere when Johnny Reed went to visit him? I think it's clear who is at fault here, and simply because Reed decided to stick around a while that gives ZERO cause to physically assault him? This man should be in jail, or a mental institution!

And let's not forget about the irresponsibility of whomever thought having ZERO on this show was a good idea. This is the thanks a man such as myself gets for facilitating the dominance of PW+ at Last Laugh.

This last comment draws a few annoyed looks, notably from Angelos stablemates.

But, instead of looking at this as an insult, I have chosen to look at this as an opportunity.

Considering the man has been complaining the past 5 minutes this draws a few groans.

I look at this as a chance to do the world and PW+ some good by taking this madman out before he causes a lawsuit, or assaults another innocent bystander. How long until he starts beating on other wrestlers with reckless abandon, or attacking the fans because they boo him? To prevent this I will make it my mission to end bring ZERO's... terroristic campaign to an end, on behalf of his family, the fans, and Pro Wrestling Plus. I will be your hero.

OOC: Made a minor adjustment after posting. Not sure if this is it or if X is replying. Haven't heard from him recently.

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Zio The Abyss

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Jason Moore:
What they said.


OOC: that should wrap things up
Originally Posted by Dean
You could sum it up as there's too many Indians

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the dmg
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I was totally waiting for that, so I could respond!
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Operative #19
Kept ya waiting, huh?

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Praise me, bitches!

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