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new ds game: Moon

Hi guys,

I hope this isn't inappropriate advertising but i just wanted to tell you about Moon . . .

Renegade Kid, the guys behind Dementium: The Ward, are releasing a new game for the DS, called Moon.
It’s a first person shooter developed to push the DS to its limits; loads of detailed environments, deep exploration and some shooting to boot!!

IGN rated it 8.5 saying ‘Renegade Kid’s latest offering is one of the best in its class’ which is no mean feat for the team of 6 who made it!

Released on the 3rd July 09...

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Everything up until the website linkage was fine (as it doesn't seem to be related directly to the game), so the link is now gone...

Anyone who wants to discuss the game can do freely

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never heard of this.... any one else own it/play it?
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