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So who did win those battles in Sonic Adventure 1 & 2?

Whenever you did the battle you where fight the other side such as sonic vs shadow or sonic vs E-102 you'd see the character you play as win the battle.

Is there an official list that of who really won those encounters?
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is killing anything that moves...

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The only one I'm remotely sure about is Sonic vs Shadow onboard the ARK. It makes more sense that Sonic won that fight, since the eclipse cannon is seen having a failure to fire in the Last story.

IIRC, it also doesn't fire at the end of the Dark story, which doesn't make sense to me.

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If you're referring to the Sonic vs. E-102 battle on the Egg Carrier, Sonic wins that one. If you play as Sonic, you hit E-102 until you go in for the final strike. If you play as E-102, you hit him until Sonic decides to go in for the final strike (the game pretends like the two were evenly matched).

Of course, Amy is the real winner in that fight anyway.

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The battles generally ended in "ties." One character quits, or does something that continues the story. For example, the first battle between Shadow and Sonic in SA2, Shadow uses Chaos Control and escapes, no matter which character you play as.
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