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OOC: Alright, I'm going to move this a little and see if anyone is still going.

Everyone had their new gear and were standing at the airport. The plane arrived and it was way bigger than anyone had been expecting. Apparently the budget for Iscariot division was rather nice as the plane that landed was a jumbo jet. Ryan attempted to whistle, failed, and just an odd sort of twittering sound instead. Dante slowly shook his head and got on board.

He sat in the first seat in the front, pulling out a small computer and typing furiously on it. Ryan walked to the back of First Class and sprawled out across a whole row. As the others stood, a Flight Attendant stepped out of a small door and smiled nicely, gesturing to the whole plane.

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Xaven Took a few tentative steps onto the plane. He didn't like flying in a tube of metal with wings attached to it. Still he had new gear and so he was more or less forced to get on to complete the mission.

He chose the seat in the exact middle of the plane, farthest from any windows or doors.
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