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Old March 9th, 2008, 06:01 PM   #1: [Thread] [Post]
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Worst Xbox Games

Whats the worst xbox game thats ever been created? I think Driv3r was pretty boring. I couldn't get into it. What do you think is the worst xbox game?

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That Bruce Lee game is considered one of the worst games on the Xbox.

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Originally Posted by Ruks
That Bruce Lee game is considered one of the worst games on the Xbox.
Hard to think of one worse than that. Pulse Racer would be a close second though or maybe Chicago Enforcer.

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New Legends was pretty horrible. All glitchy and repetitive, felt like the game wasn't even finished.

I heard Kakuto Chojin was awful too, however I never got a chance to sample it's horrendousness because the game was banned due to...racism or anti-religious statements...or something, not even sure what it was, but the game was recalled and I don't think it was ever re-released.

A lot of people got a kick out of BloodWake, but I hated it for some reason.

Played Azurik at an EB Games back in the day, wasn't too impressed with that, either.
  I actually remember being excited to go to Blockbuster and play their Virtual Boy.  

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mechassualt the only reason i got it was to get linux on my xbox

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any old game really

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Thumbs down bleh

Full Spectrum Warrior (I'm not 100% sure if it's the worst game ever made in the entire world, but it sure tries harder than any other game I know)
Fight Club (one guy fighting another guy, that's it, even the movie was better, and I count the movie as the third worst movie of all time, between Signs on 2nd and Passion of the Christ on 4th, the worst ever being Blairwitch Project)
Playboy Mansion (if uncensored topless nudity can't save a game, nothing can)

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Darkest of Days,that is unimaginable

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Originally Posted by oluiftfguiuu View Post
Darkest of Days,that is unimaginable
didnt Darkest of Days just come out on the 360?

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Okay....I nominate
Ghost Recon- from stupid AI, to tak\nks that run their foot soilders over, to the lack of a jump button, and the lack of a automatic reaload.

guess what..


Why is it that all these other people i see have positive rep.... i seem to post about the same kind of posts.... but yet i have negative rep.......
IDFC but i think you all are quite hypocritical

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Drake of 99 Dragons
New Legends
Driver 3
Azurik 1 and 2
Bruce Lee
Kakuto Chojin(worst fighter, especially made by Dream Factory...R.I.P.)
Playboy the mansion
Chicago Enforcer

Yeah, Darkest of Days is a X360 game...

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My vote goes to Brute Force. Not because it was the worst game. It was playable ish. But because it was supposed to be a world beater, and was tagged as a revival of the Lost Vikings style of gameplay. But compared to the hype and expectation surrounding it, it was one of the most disappointing games that I have ever played.

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Final Fantasy 7

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Just Alu...only better.

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Originally Posted by trustycow View Post
Final Fantasy 7

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Thumbs down From Bad To Worse

Dino Crisis 3

Smashing Drive

New Legends

Bruce Lee

To be honest, "Smashing Drive" & "Dino Crisis 3" were not as bad as "New Legends" or "Bruce Lee."

"Smashing Drive" was originally an old arcade racer in which you played a cab driver trying to get passengers to their destinations as fast as possible in New York City.

Sadly, even with goofy power-ups & extreme short-cuts, the frustrating Xbox version was no where near as fun as "Crazy Taxi" was.

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