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Turd Ferguson
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Warning removal request

I don't know why I didn't do this before, but I have a warning on my profile that expired more than a year ago. I'd like it removed, please.

Thank you.

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Neo Matrix
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I'm not sure expired infractions can be removed. They're expired though which means they don't count towards any future infraction point totals...


Also in the sticky thread:
Important things to remember about unbans and unBoS's.
  • Banned accounts, and ban on sights are never unbanned/undone unless you were banned unfairly.
  • We will only hear cases about unfair bannings immediately after the ban. (In other words you can't come to us 6 months after the fact and say it was unfair. Immediate = no longer than a month.)
  • If you were made Ban On Sight before 8/9/08 you are allowed to make a new account, and return to the forums.
  • We reserve the right to re-ban any Ban On Sight members that make a new account if they are here just to cause trouble and/or are a detriment to the GW Community.
  • If you were made Ban on Sight after 8/9/08 you can post in the Court if you think your last ban was unfair, but otherwise you have no recourse.
  • Infractions automatically expire after 1 year, except in the case of those resulting in a permanent ban. The points will no longer count against you after the 1 year time limit has lapsed, but the note will remain in your Infractions list. These will not be removed.
  • Usernotes for warnings prior to the Infraction system can still be deleted if you would like to request we do so. We do not remove Name Changes. Signature nukes must, still, be at least one year old prior to being removed.

Neo Matrix edited at 05:31 AM (November 29th, 2011)
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Grammar Nazi Wolf Wear The Champ My Way Al Sighting 

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Posting to confirm that I have infractions from two to three years ago that still show up, despite not only expiring but being reversed as well.

I just hide the "latest infractions" part, although I wouldn't recommend doing that in case you do get a new one (although you also get a PM notification, so it's kind of redundant).

Dean edited at 11:33 AM (November 29th, 2011)
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Expired infractions are just that - expired. But it's not as though they never existed. The record of their existence remains.

Nothing to be concerned about. I have my own as well.


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