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Break the Walls Down

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I manily used Wario because he was my favourite character. My favourite track is the last one is it Star something?

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I used to always choose yoshi
and the best track was that rainbow one

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half baked789
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bowser all the way. he was definitely the most balanced driver. if you do that boost at the beginning of the race you can plow through everyone that is in front of you. my favorite tracks are wario stadium because of that wall you can jump over in the beginning of the track, kalamari desert is always a classic, and of course basically the whole star cup. i just want it to be known...i can beat anyone...ANYONE in a game of mario kart.


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Toad is my all time favorite video game character. So I always use him.
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I use Browser the most. My Favorite tracks are: Browser Castle, RainBow Road, and the track that you were driving on a road that had cars.

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I always use Luigi and my favorite track is Sherbert land

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