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Signature Revoked?

Just noticed my signature was revoked suddenly and not quite sure why. It was never explained and I don't have the option to make a new sig (just going to leave my GamerTag centered in it). Could I get an explaination why? If I broke a rule, I'd like to know so it can be avoided in the future.


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For reference, you can check your usernotes for the lost signatures and the reasons for their removal.

Anyway, your last sig was taken down because it exceeded the height limit (160 pixels max, or only 140 with a line of text). Your gamercard is less than 140 pixels so a single line of text above or below it would've been fine but there were multiple such lines.

It was also the second sig removal within a year so you've lost signature priveledges for a month.

Sounds overly technical, I know, but thems the breaks I suppose :\

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Forgot to check my usernotes. I know the first one was about four lines, the second was two which I think a bit excessive to revoke for. But it's only a month and rules are rules, so I don't have a problem with it. I'll play around with it more next time and make sure I'm not breaking the height limits, since both sig nukes were due to height.


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If you want to check your signature for compliance in advance, stop by the Testing Grounds.

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