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Don't just go somewhere and meet her by surprize, especially if she is not interested in you. If you do that, she might tell her friend(s) and then they will send you a text message saying she is not interested in you and she is never gonna like you. That's happened with me and a girl called Serena.

Then all of your friends might turn their backs on you for making this wrong move and start calling you names and make you look / feel bad. Some girls might just slap your face, which luckily didn't happen to me when I approached Serena.

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Originally Posted by SonicBoom95
Don't just go somewhere and meet her by surprize, especially if she is not interested in you. If you do that, she might tell her friend(s) and then they will send you a text message saying she is not interested in you and she is never gonna like you. That's happened with me and a girl called Serena.

Then all of your friends might turn their backs on you for making this wrong move and start calling you names and make you look / feel bad. Some girls might just slap your face, which luckily didn't happen to me when I approached Serena.
Wow dude. That was completely unnessecary and a little creepy.

Like everybody else said, be yourself. It shows confidence and integrity. There's nothing more annoying than watching somebody be somebody that they aren't. It's obvious. Don't think they won't know, they aren't dumb.
Try not to think of your date as 'the girl'. That doesn't mean that you don't treat her like all guys should treat all girls (with respect) but that you shouldn't take the first date so seriously. The purpose of this date is to get to know the other person better and to see if this is somebody that you enjoy hanging out with. If the first date goes well for both people, there's gonna be a second date. This is the one you need to watch out for. Start preparing for that second date before the first one even happens. If you talk too much on the first date, you won't have **** to talk about on the second date. And always remember, be polite! If you think you're polite enough, you probably aren't. The main problem us guys have while dating somebody new is mixing politeness with fun. Once you figure out how to do both at the same time, you'll find that dating will be much easier.

I don't have much advice for you. Look pretty and enjoy yourself. That's all that matters to us. If you come home from a date that you truly enjoyed, then we did our job right. That should be our main goal, so be easy on us, help us out a little bit. Chances are we're more nervous than you are.
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I'm bringing this back because I now feel that I can contribute to this. Some of it may have already been said, but I will also try to provide examples and some explanation.

On a first date, one would always want it to be perfect, I always did and still do at times. The first step to having a successful first date is to not care how it turns out. Now I don't mean go in like a hobo and watch her scream and pinch her nose and run away. I mean, you go in there with no expectations, dress well (dress to impress, right?), smell good, have good breath, and be ready to have some fun. That's all you need to worry about.

"But Silver, I don't know what to talk about. I'm not good at carrying on conversation with women, especially ones that I like."

My dear lad, do not worry about what to talk about. Just worry about HOW you talk about something. A mentor told me once that it's not about WHAT you say, but HOW you say it. it's been a dating mantra of mine. What does that mean, you ask? Easy. Say I bring up marshmallows in a comparison to a girls, soft, slightly chubby face (so cute). You don't want to say:

You: "Your face is like a marshmallow. It's so.... marshmallowy."

She will slap the crap out of you or be pissed off. She thinks your rude and calling her fat. Instead, add some detail and some feeling into it. You could say something like:

You: "Your face kinda reminds me of a marshmallow. Before you get all upset, just know, I like chubby cheeks. They're so cute! I bet they're so soft like marshmallows. I wanna pinch them!"

At this point you're not coming off as rude. However, don't say this with a straight, deadpan face. That just makes it like the first example. Say it with a smile and be expressive to show you're being silly and you don't truly mean anything rude by it. It's playful and girls like it. If you talk about your daily exercise routine, don't just talk about what you do, talk about how you feel when you do those exercises or lifts. You see what I'm getting at? Be expressive. Women are emotionally triggered people, so, trigger the emotions by expressing them through normal conversation that would be boring.

Touching is good. No, I don't mean that you should reach up under her dress to find were da gold at. I mean playful touching, romantic, sexual tension building touching. Create anticipation with your touches. A thing I preach is two steps forward, on step back. What is this method, you ask. Let's draw it out. You're siting on your couch on a friday night (not typical first date, but this is an example, so bite me), and you're only three inches apart. What do you do? MAKE OUT WITH HER! NOW! Nah, I'm just kidding. You build anticipation. Girls love it. Start by holding her hand. Set the mood, take the risk. She'll probably not even care. Believe me, most women don't care if you touch them... they just want a man with the balls to do it. From there, proceed like such:

Hold hands -> Arm around shoulder -> Hold hands -> Arm around shoulder -> Arm around waist -> Arm around shoulder -> Arm around waist -> pull her into you (spooning type of deal... cuddling... whatever)

You getting the idea. It can be a long or short process depending on how you want to build up. The more you build up, the more she wants to see what you'll do next. Stack the anticipation and you can make out with her (if you want) within a couple of hours. But this is your first date, take it at your pace (I prefer a medium pace meaning I skip some parts).

You're at a restaurant, you've done all the preceding steps, and now the bill comes. She looks at you expectingly. She's setting a trap for you. She wants free food. You'll have none of that. You say to yourself, "I AM THE PRIZE, WOMAN! YOU PAY!" You look at her with a smile, "Oh, ok." You reach around your pockets but can't find your wallet (you have it... you just can't find it. RIGHT?! lol). "Oh, I can't seem to find my wallet and we can't steal from this fine restaurant. Could you pay this time? I'll pay next time." This is a shock to her. She's probably thinking, "But... shouldn't he be prepared with cash, knowing he's taking me on a date?" She's confused but pays. At this point, as you're leaving, you can either tell her the truth and that you wanted the free food or you can just leave her to think what she wants. If you don't want to pretend like you don't have your wallet, another alternative is to tell her that she doesn't deserve free meals yet. Say it with a smile. Never be serious when you talk about the bill, but make her know that she hasn't earned the right to be paid for. Never pay for a woman on the first date. Try to switch it up on dates after the first date.

"But Silver, that's not what I was taught. Wouldn't she get mad at you and never date you again?"

My friends, you must take risks in the dating world. If you don't and play it safe, you lose. The more you give in to her and give her your power, the less respect she'll have for you and her attraction plummets. You have to show that you aren't treating her like a goddess. Show her that she's only human, not the best thing on earth. Show her that you have control and that you don't take crap. Don't just throw all your Benjamins at her feet. She needs to earn the right for you to throw a Benjamin at her feet. Understand?

Now the date is ending and you take her home or she's leaving your house or even staying, just going to sleep. What do you do? If you've already kissed her or got her panties soaked, why not just go the extra mile and go all the way? It's not my style, but some people do it. How do you get from kissing to sex? Same ting I mentioned about touching. Build anticipation and escalate. Two steps forward, one step back. Set the mood with a sexual theme.

If you haven't kissed her yet, nows the time to do it. You don't do kissing on the first date? get over it. Better now than never, and plus a kiss on the first date usually yields good results. If you don't, you haven't lost, so don't worry about it. However, you always want to leave on a high note--meaning leave when she's at peak attraction. If you overextend you stay, you have a chance of losing her attraction. How do you know if she's ready to kiss? If you're talking, try to cut it off subtly. Look into her eyes. Stare into them for three seconds, if nothing is said and she doesn't look away, kiss her. She wants it. Don't take any longer than three seconds. However, you need to have established comfort and attraction beforehand. However, if the previous steps were followed, you're in good shape now anyway. If she leans toward you (into you), she's interested and wants to suck your lips. If you want to escalate the kiss, by all means, do so. You're not limited to just a kiss. Go as far as you feel comfortable with, but more importantly, how comfortable with it she is. The more pleasurable it is for her, the more it will be for you.

So the gist of it is, bring out the expressive you and take risks. Be funny. Never let things get dull. Once they get dull, you might as well run away. Don't be afraid for moments of silence. Take that time to soak up the moment with her then proceed. Just enjoy the date and don't worry about how it's going to end. You take it there. Enjoy the moments.

For the ladies, just lay us. It makes us happy.

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^^ amen. except you really didnt bring it back. no one said anything after that.
i wrote you a sticky note that says i'm not listening to yo rules.

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