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Crazy Jamie
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Well known gamers/famous people on your friends list?

Do you have any well known gamers or famous people on your friends list, either with regards people who are well known in a particular game or actual famous people in the real world? And I mean legitimately, as opposed to just skirting leaderboards and adding people in a stalkerish manner.

I have the best player in the world at Virtua Tennis 3 on my friends list. I have semi regular player matches against him and have played ranked doubles with him on occasion. I am yet to beat him in singles unfortunately, but have come close on numerous occasions. I also have the best doubles player in the world on my friends list, but I got to know him through singles and have only played against him in doubles (as opposed to with him).

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Shaking Off The Dust
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at one point I had Vince Carter's gamertag on my friends list because I played him in NBA 2k6 way back in the day, but that was on the game with fame thing they had, but after that he was never online so I eventually removed him from my friends list.

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Dolphin assassin
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I tracked down one of the gamer tags used by G4 and am waiting for a reply.

my friend supposably, found out lil' waynes because he said it on national television around halo 3 was out on comedy central with bobby lee. but idk if he got accepted or anything
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Shaking Off The Dust
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i also had ET snipes on my friends list (was #1 in the world on GOW) but I took him off because he isnt that good he just plays 24/7

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no famous people for me...but I did have tom taylor on my friend's list for about 2 weeks, and then he never came online again, so I figured he removed me

Old April 20th, 2008, 12:59 PM   #6: [Thread] [Post]
sushi san
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I've got Stu Gili-Ross from the band Gallows on my friends list. I have also played with some of the best Gears of War players in the world.

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Theres a list here of a bunch. I remember, some of them (like adrian pertersons) were given away on commercials for madden.

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They said Lawyer Milloy's (NFL player) gamertag on Monday Night Football once, and I had it on my list temporarily, but he never added me so I cancelled the request. That's about it.

I've played with a few guys on Battlefield who were in the top ten of certain categories, but never added them to my friends list.

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trilla than a bitch

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Fresno 420 247 (at least I think that's his gamertag...) was on my friends list for a while. I played a game of Gears of War with him and was like, "Holy sh*t, you'e #1 in Execution." We talked for a bit and I added him. Then I removed him late or he removed me. I don't really remember; it was over a year ago.

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Singin Hobo
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That Knuckles Dawson guy placed membership here on GW and I struck up a conversation with him once and he added me to his friends list, I played a game with him once but since he's always playing some new crappy game to keep getting achievements I took him off after I hadn't played/communicated with him for about two months.

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Registered User
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Well, not famous per ser, but there's this guy who GT is vVv Johnny Cage, he hosts a gaming radio staion in Ohio for MLG guys.

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Silent Kayos
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I got this guy named Crazy Jamie on my list. Apparently he is a super moderator of some pretty popular video game site.
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