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Ok so i have been in a few roleplays before and i noticed they are all on GTA games and with xbox not being as customizable as PC i thought roleplay life is kinda difficult at times so i was thinking why not on a racing game like Midnight club la that has open world.

Here is how it would work

Much like the game you would start with the choice of 3 cars (same as the games starter cars) you can earn money from things such as racing (all money would be kept track of on a doccument) with the money you can buy the(right to use) cars you want in roleplay and then use the money to upgrade and customize. Have some players as cops (to utilize the police car DLC)where they earn money for doing there job to do the same thing (Police can be racers when "off duty") so they dont get bored.

there are a few more things that would need to be covered but what does everybody think?

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Don't quite a lot of racing games already use reward systems for upgrades?
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Sounds sorta like NfS: Hot Pursuit's AutoLog functionality, but more point-based, centered around a forum, and limited in what one is initially allowed to use?

I think AutoLog itself is fine, provided you have friends to actually play and compete with. 'Course that doesn't help with any other game as none of them have such features.
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