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August 28th, 2007, 07:38 PM
Can anyone please tell me how the heck to beat the level Forest of Illusion in Super Mario Brothers for SNES???? It's driving me nuts. I keep doing the levels over and over again to see if I missed anything and I just can't seem to get it. Please help me!!!!

August 29th, 2007, 02:50 AM
Walking toward you is a Wiggler, a new enemy. If you jump on them,
they blow their tops and turn red. Do not, though. Jump over the
peaceful caterpillar and then jump over the gap to the right. Use the
Rotating Block to jump to the ? Block for a power-up. Now jump right
over a series of small ledges with red Koopa Troopas on them to reach
one with a Wiggler and Goombas on it. Hit the ? Block for Yoshi (or a
1-Up Mushroom if you had Yoshi).

Now we're talking! Eat the Wiggler and Goombas and then head right.
Eat the Para-Goomba here and then use the spring to reach a pink berry
above you. Now hop the pit and hit the block for a 1-Up Mushroom (be
sure to eat the Wiggler, too). Hit the Jump Block that the 1-Up
Mushroom is on as it slides right to knock it up and then jump for it
as it falls into the pit to the right. Here, head over several
Wigglers to reach the midway gate.

Shortly after it is a transparent block. Hit it and get a Super Star,
trust me. As Invincible Mario, ride right under the enemies that
emerge from the Rotating Block, making sure to hit all of them. The
more enemies you defeat while invincible, the more points you get and
eventually the more extra lives you get! Stop when you reach a ? Block,
though. Hit it and out comes a new item - a Power Balloon. Jump into
it and you'll abandon Yoshi, but Mario will inflate to Balloon Mario.
Float the rest of the way right in this Dragon Coin-less level to reach
the goal gate.

| Forest of Illusion 1 (B) |

Get to the Power Balloon in the above guide and stop there. Hit it and
inflate yourself to Balloon Mario. Instead of going right, though, get
below the path to the left and head left. Avoid a red Koopa Paratroopa
as you go and you'll a ? Block above a keyhole. Wait to deflate, hit
the ? Block, and out comes a key. Insert the key into the keyhole and
you've found the secret exit, which gives us access to the Forest Ghost

| Forest of Illusion 2 (A) |

Even though we could go to the Forest Ghost House, I chose not to
because, as I said earlier, we are going to clear this world in a
clockwise manner wherever possible. This is an underwater level; come
with two Fire Flowers. When you start, you'll notice a green,
depressed-looking fish called a Blurp swimming along here in a straight
fashion, not even bothering to try to hit you. Let it go by (it can be
cape spun, fired, or eaten, though) and then skip over the Green Block.
Now head right under the Blurps to find two new enemies - Urchins.
They float up and down to get in your way. Let them float out of the
way and then pass by.

Now, to the right another Urchin and a school of Blurps are coming.
Wait them out or flame them and then rise up. As the Urchin comes out,
take the Dragon Coin, and then go back down and up when the Urchin goes
in (I'm trying to make sense here; stay with me). Now, do you see the
Grab Block to the right? Grab it and throw it at the Urchin to your
right. It is almost the only way to beat one. Now go right and up,
and then drop down (make sure to avoid any Urchins along the way).
Ignore the Grab Block on the bottom and go right until you can no
longer. Swim upward now to a ? Block containing a Fire Flower and then
swim right. Go completely right and swim over some Urchins to find the
second Dragon Coin guarded by a Rip Van Fish. These pursuing fish are
sleeping at first, but they start to chase you when awakened.

Now go left, drop all the way to the bottom, hit the invisible blocks
in the alcove as you head right for a 1-Up Mushroom, and take the third
Dragon Coin at the end guarded by a Rip Van Fish. Now, return to where
the two rising Urchins were (you may want to reverse the order of how
you collect the Dragon Coins) and go under them. Swim right past these
Urchins to a hallway. The fourth Dragon Coin is guarded by an Urchin
here. Now continue right until you can fall down all the way to a
Yellow Block (POINT B HERE). Head right from it, swimming past a
legion of Rip Van Fishes, and take the fifth Dragon Coin from one of
the upper alcoves. Keep swimming and running right until you reach the
goal gate.

| Forest of Illusion 2 (B) |

Forest of Illusion 3 is now open, but we will not go to it just yet.
Get to the point in the level using the guide above that I marked with
the phrase "(POINT B HERE)" above. It is toward the end, just a little
ways left of the goal gate and Chargin' Chuck by it (what's a Chargin'
Chuck doing underwater?). When you reach the Yellow Block, notice a
wall to the left. Well, it is in the background, my friend. Swim left
through the wall and you'll find a key and keyhole. Use them to find
the secret exit of this level.

| Blue Switch Palace |

Those creatures above you are Spinies, basically Spike Tops without the
fire-resistance. Now, you can either head right here without stopping
to hit the P Switches, or you can hit the P Switches. Here's what
you'll want to do: jump on the blue P Switch to make the Spinies fall
to the lower block level. Then wait for that switch to wear off and
hit the silver P Switch, turning all the Spinies into silver coins.
Collect all the silver coins and you'll get a 1-Up. Neat-o! Now take
the pipe to the right to the main switch room. Run forward, jump, and
you'll have pressed the Blue Switch. Now all outlined blocks have
become full Blue Blocks. Huzzah! Blue Blocks don't contain anything,
but they can be used on very rare occasions to jump from and onto.

| Forest of Illusion 3 (A) |

Enter the bubble! Most enemies in this level appear in bubbles, and
only be popping them can you set them loose. The enemy you see coming
at you at first is a Bob-omb, an old Super Mario Bros. 2 enemy. Jump
on it and then throw it before it explodes, kind of like a Goomba. Now
head right, avoiding a Goomba bubble, and jump over the pit after the
pipes, taking the first Dragon Coin as you make your jump over it. Now,
here you should jump to the jumping board and bounce up over the pipe.
Hit the ? Block for an Egg to come out (Yoshi or a 1-Up Mushroom if you
already have Yoshi).

Now jump into the pipe to the right to play the matching 1-Up game.
When you reappear, go right and jump a gap to reach a Rotating Block
pair. Hit the lower one to knock a red shell into the upper one,
setting loose a jumping board. Carry it right, drop it, and then
bounce to the yellow pipe. Jump right to the second Dragon Coin and
then jump the gap. Here, run right before the Goombas fall down and
you'll pass right through the midway gate, meeting all your checkpoint

Jump over the gap to the right and then onto the pipe. Jump through
the third Dragon Coin to land on the other pipe. Now go right, under
some bubbles, to reach a green pipe. Jump over it and hit the ? Blocks
for coins. Continue right to more coin blocks, in the middle of which
is the fourth Dragon Coin. After it you'll find Chargin' Chuck. Jump
over him to the pipe, drop to the fifth Dragon Coin, and then jump to
the goal gate.

| Forest Ghost House (A) |

We now have formed a circle, so let's start out. Go right to see a Big
Boo. Avoid it and continue right past some minor Boos and eventually
you'll find another Big Boo. Bait it forward and then jump over it to
another hallway. Run forward to an opening and lead the Boos out
toward you, who you should then jump over to the right. Continue right
avoiding Boos and jump to the upper hallway. Duck under the oncoming
Eeries and then drop to the lower hallway. Run forward under more
Eeries to reach two ? Blocks, the right of which contains a power-up,
and a Dragon Coin. Now go right to a door, which you should take.

Run forward in here (this room is a lot like the first room of Donut
Ghost House) and jump over the blocks when appropriate. There are two ?
Blocks, one of each type (Fire Flower, Cape Feather), before you find
the third Dragon Coin. The second Dragon Coin was right after the Cape
Feather ? Block. Upon getting the third Dragon Coin, head right to
grab the fourth Dragon Coin (if you are small, you can hit the Rotating
Block right of it for a 1-Up Mushroom).

Now grab the P Switch and run right, jumping over the first door and
getting into the little alcove guarded by a row of coins at the
rightmost side of the room. Hit it then and take the glass door that
appears. You appear on the roof of the first room. Go left until you
reach the fifth Dragon Coin, and then go further left to a door. Here,
take the 3-Up Moon and jump into the goal tape.

| Forest Ghost House (B) |

The last step we took did nothing, but this last one will. Follow the
guide until you get the fifth Dragon Coin. Then go right to the first
door you reached and take it. It's the same goal as before, minus the
3-Up Moon. Jump into the goal gate and a new level is opened.

| Forest of Illusion 4 |

This level features Fishin' Lakitu. He's above you with a tantalizing
1-Up Mushroom dangling from his fishing line. If you get it at any
point in the level, Fishin' Lakitu become Lakitu. Lakitu will throw
Spinies at you and be extremely annoying; don't touch his line. Go
right from the start to reach a stair set of Rotating Blocks with a
Dragon Coin right of the top. Jump for it and then head right. In the
blue pipe you come to is a Lakitu. Avoid it and head right hitting a
transparent block there for whatever power-up you're in need of.
Continue right and jump over the green pipe here (there's a Fire Flower
in the ? Block line around the Rotating Block over here.

Spinies are weak to cape spins, fireballs, and Yoshi only). Also, get
the second Dragon Coin under the blocks here. Now jump right past a
blue pipe and onto a rising green pipe (like in Donut Plains 4). Jump
down to a Dragon Coin as you go, our third, and hop the pit to the
right. Jump over the pipes and go right under the yellow tube here to
find a yellow pipe. Defeat the Lakitu inside and then jump left onto
the yellow tube to pass through the midway gate.

Jump right to see some stairs. Take them down, hit the P Switch, and
collect the coins while avoiding the Spinies. When that's done with,
advance to the right and climb the stairs. Avoid the Koopa Paratroopa
and jump to the green pipe to the right, second from the left, and take
it down if you want coins. If you do take it down, swim left past the
Blurps and pick up coins as you go until you reach an orange pipe.
Take it up to be by the orange pipes before the checkpoint again. In
either case, get back to the green pipe.

Jump onto the one right of it and then to the rotating blocks to the
right. Lakitu will hover real close to you now. Jump on him and steal
his cloud! COOL! Hover up and collect coins, the fourth Dragon Coin
in particular. Now head right over some Grab Blocks and Koopa Troopas
to reach a Chargin' Chuck and the fifth Dragon Coin. Right of it is
the goal gate.

| Forest of Illusion 3 (B) |

Let's now return to Forest of Illusion 3. By the way, you should now
be able to see Link, A Link to the Past caricature-style, made up of
the paths here. The Blue Palace Switch is his nose, the Forest Ghost
House-Forest of Illusion 4 path is his hat, and the rest forms his head.
But, he's missing a neck, and we need to make him one. That's right; I
mean we need to make an exit of this forest (also, it is quite
appropriate that the Forest of Illusion should have Link's head outline
in it, considering that Link spent his childhood in Kokiri Forest)!

The secret path in this level is painfully obvious, but I will explain
all. Follow the guide for this level in the sub-section of this
section entitled "Forest of Illusion 3 (A)" until you reach the
Chargin' Chuck before the goal gate. You must be Super/Fire/Caped
Mario to do this, by the way. Enter the green pipe to the right and
spin jump the Rotating Blocks here. Hmm, wouldn't have thought of that,
now would you have? Please, tell me you disagree with that statement...
Lift the key and insert it into the keyhole. Presto! We're out of the
Forest of Illusion and to Roy's Castle.


September 2nd, 2007, 04:38 AM
GameFAQ's couldn't have said it better themselves. ;)

Just make sure that you finish all the levels via both exits. You've probably lost track of what you've done where if you're not systamatically clearing secret exits at the same time as the gate exits.
By secret exit, I mean that there's a key somewhere. you can tell if a level has a key because it has a red marker on the map screen. Go back and play each level again, leaving via the gate at the end, and by taking the key to the keyhole.
Additionally, the Forest ghost house has two exits. they look identical, but one has a 3-up moon. both exits are on top of the first section.

These levels take you back and forth in an unhelpful way, but you should have four red FoI levels, the ghosthouse, a switch palace, a secret level, and three paths out (to the previous castle, to forest castle, to forest fortress and star road).

If you get stuck, see the relevent section in atlas.'s post. good luck.

September 2nd, 2007, 04:40 AM
Gamefaqs? Whats that :paranoid: