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  1. Who are you voting for in November?
  2. Vice presidents
  3. Offshore Drilling
  4. Health Care
  5. Speaking Spanish, WTF?!
  6. FISA bill passes, Obama among supporters
  7. Mental Recession
  8. Electoral Map
  9. Third Party Canidates
  10. Zimbabwe's inflation goes into the millions
  11. Disgusting anti-semitism at Obama's website
  12. Oil Speculation crackdown
  13. McCain gaffe - thinks Pakistan and Iraq share a border...
  14. Record deficit
  15. Taxes: Obama vs. McCain
  16. Central Banking, Federal Reserve System
  17. Think the record deficit's bad?...
  18. A thought....
  19. McCain's attacks on Obama... HELP Obama?!
  20. How low can McCain go?
  21. Same man 4yrs. later, same BS(Note this is really long)
  22. So this is why John McCain is attacking Russia!
  23. Democrats screwing up.
  24. McCain ad says Obama will cause 'economic disaster'
  25. Musharraf has gone
  26. Russia still not pulling out of Georgia
  27. John McCain doesn't think any Americans want to work picking lettuce for $50/hour.
  28. Obama pick Biden
  29. Party to Register With?
  30. Bob Barr could be the only presidential candidate on the Texas ballot.
  31. Regarding Voting Independent...
  32. McCain 'picks woman running mate'
  33. McCain hides from Larry King, Obama to appear on the O'Reilly Factor
  34. Palin "knows more about energy than probably anybody else in the United States."
  35. Gotta enjoy the show.....
  36. Dirty politics
  37. Tax Plans
  38. McCain suspends his campaign - Political tool or focusing on the economy?
  39. McCain Wins Debate Before Debate
  40. How many people will watch the Presidential Debate?
  41. Reactions to the Debate
  42. Sarah Palin Can't Name Another Court Case She Disagrees With Other Than Roe v. Wade
  43. Vice Presidential Debate
  44. Obama vs McCain
  45. Smearing Obama - Negativity and falsehoods increase on both sides
  46. Most ridiculous propaganda you've received
  47. What yearly income boundaries define classes?
  48. Fighting Fire With Fire
  49. Debate starts in less than 3 minutes
  50. Who do you think won the debate?
  51. Fact Check on Second Presidential Debate
  52. Which Presidential Candidate really IS better for Vets?
  53. McCain mobs
  54. Obama purchases 30-minute ad slot on two major broadcast networks
  55. Thousands of voter registration forms faked
  56. Sarah Palin no play nice? :cry: (Aka Troopergate = Power Abuse)
  57. John McCain ACORN ties
  58. Where has Obama's money come from? (Faux emails suck)
  59. Obama, McCain economic plans
  60. Who's the sexist now, McCain?
  61. McCain's Chief Aide aided Saddam
  62. Final Presidential Debate Discussion
  63. Who won the final presidential debate?
  64. Colin Powell endorses Barack Obama
  65. GOP Operative Arrested, McCain paid $175k
  66. Time to scrap Electoral College?
  67. Al-Qaeda Supports... McCain for President?!
  68. Palin wears donkey scarf
  69. Sarah Palin insults fruit fly studies in science, health
  70. A talk with a friend today...
  71. Neo-NAZIs are hilarious psychos
  72. Worst attack ad... ever
  73. Call Center Workers Walk Out after Obama attack calls
  75. McCain Miami Rally, Getting Ugly Down Here
  76. Paris for President
  77. Obama 30 minute television ad
  78. Republicans for Obama
  79. Best Cable News Network
  80. The difference in the ground games
  81. Georgians allowed to question people at polls about citizenship
  82. So dumb it hurts
  83. Official Presidential Election Prediction Thread!
  84. How foolish is Sarah Palin? Seriously.
  85. How nasty will the final stretch get?
  86. Wassup 2008
  87. Presidential Election Discussion
  88. The big number: 60
  89. Post Your Ballot!
  90. Barack Obama and Coal Technology discussion
  91. Election Day: Your Experience
  92. RNC attacks Obama for using campaign funds to visit dying grandmother
  93. Live election coverage
  94. Barack Obama is the President Elect of the United States of America
  95. Barack Obama is President Elect Split [11.08.08]
  96. How Much Was Your Vote Worth
  97. Democrats win 7 of 11 races for governor
  98. Democrats expand House lead with broad gains
  99. Rahm Emanuel has been offered the job of Barack Obama's Chief of Staff
  100. Alaska pisses me off
  101. Sarah Palin was net positive for McCain, exit polls show...
  102. Rahm Emanuel is Obama's Chief of Staff
  103. Palin Didn't Know Africa Is A Continent & Once Greeted McCain Staff in Only a Towel
  104. What remains to be called for Election '08
  105. Ahmadinejad offers congratulations to Obama
  106. /facepalm, Or R.F Kennedy, pseudo-science loon, considered for EPA Head by Obama
  107. When the Chips are down, these "civilized people" will eat each other.
  108. Change.gov and Super Obama World!
  109. GOP already thinking about 2012
  110. Is Huckabee A Serious Candidate for 2012?
  111. Arkansas gay couples adopting ban
  112. Treasury Dept. Changes Direction of Bailout Funds
  113. The monster says, "Arbeit macht frei"
  114. Joe Lieberman - Between a rock and a hard place
  115. Fascist Australia - it's time to strike back!
  116. The Secretary of State Derby!
  117. Who Gets Biden's Senate Seat?
  118. Eric Holder, Tom Daschle on Obama's Staff...
  119. Tim Geithner possibly Obama's Treasury Secretary; DOW goes up.
  120. Obama's ( your mama! ) Check list...
  121. Change.gov's Transition Team
  122. Thread Prefixes
  123. Favorite Political Blogs/Websites
  124. :Important: Politics Explained
  125. Obama Apply Obama Myths to Bobby Jindal [Note: This is a tasteless joke thread]
  126. Non-US Power Struggle in Canada
  127. To those discussing the possible nominees for 2012...
  128. Non-US The Damian Green incident
  129. Illinois governor arrested on conspiracy
  130. Non-US Gordon Brown is a Superhero
  131. Obama Obama fills energy posts
  132. Obama Hates Gays
  133. Like Smaller Government? How About 98 Senators?
  134. Non-US UK Treasury Chief given knighthood. Yes, seriously.
  135. Republican Chip Saltsman issues racist apology [humor]
  136. Non-US The political implications of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
  137. Democrat The Harry Reid Debacle and Racism in Politics
  138. Democrat Rod Blagojevich impeached
  139. Obama Recent Remarks About the Economy
  140. Obama Pick of Geithner continues to stir controversy
  141. Favorite George W. Bush moments
  142. Obama The Inauguration of Barack Obama
  143. Obama 100 Days
  144. Obama George W. Bush's crimes...
  145. Can someone explain to me..
  146. Money on clean coal technology
  147. Democrat Hillary Clinton confirmed as Secretary of State
  148. Obama Busy first day...
  149. Obama Energy
  150. Democrat Rod Blagojevich...
  151. Obama Reversing abortion policy...
  152. Tax cuts, good or bad
  153. Obama First "change"
  154. Obama The Stimulus Package
  155. Obama change IN the white house
  156. Democrat Illinois governor guilty of abuse
  157. Interesting Media Figures...
  158. Republican First African-American picked to lead GOP Chairmanship
  159. An Open Letter to Robert Reich by Glenn Jacobs
  160. Obama House passes kids' health insurance bill
  161. Obama Obama's Cabinet Problems
  162. Obama So Here's What Japan Think Of Us...
  163. Republican Utah's Governor Says He Favors Civil Unions
  164. Democrat No African-Americans in the Senate?
  165. Republican Michele Bachmann (R-MN) loses her sh*t yet again
  166. Our hero Bobby Jindal rejecting stimulus money
  167. "US a nation of cowards on racial matters," says Attorney General
  168. A Discourse on Presidents and their Failings
  169. ATTENTION: Regarding Trolling In This Forum (Everyone Read)
  170. Obama Presidential Address
  171. Charles Krauthammer says Obama wants to turn US into EU
  172. Why Vote?
  173. Republican Michael Steele is a big fat wimp
  174. Debate: California bill - AB 390 - Decriminalization of Marijuana - Update 10-09
  175. Tax Thresholds; Obama's plan explained, correctly.
  176. Republican Zach Wamp (R-TN) says health care is a privilege
  177. Obama Obama to Reverse Stem-Cell Funding Ban
  178. Republican Micheal Steele: "Abortion is a personal choice"
  179. Obama US to sign the UN Gay Rights Declaration
  180. CNN Falls 4th In Ratings
  181. AIG Mess
  182. Charging Inmates Rent
  183. Jindal urges GOP to stand against Obama
  184. Non-US For Any Brit That Strolls Around Here...
  185. Obama. Open for questions.
  186. Democrat Harry Reid tells liberal groups to STFU and STFD
  187. Non-US UK Home Secretary uses public money to buy porn films
  188. Obama GM CEO Rick Wagoner Quits / Chrysler Has 30 Days or it's Gone
  189. Abstinence-Only Sex Ed: So Easy, a Clown Could Do It
  190. House Approves FDA Control Over Tobacco
  191. Republican Republicans vote down their own budget "alternative"
  192. LGBT Issues
  193. Gay Marriage Split
  194. Obama Administration looking to help bailed-out firms sidestep bailout rules?
  195. Republican McCain lashes against Hispanics
  196. Republican Arlen Spector introduces a new flat tax bill
  197. Nuclear Politics (Gingrinch/Obama make headlines)
  198. Obama The President's European Tour
  199. Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg defends use of foreign law by American judges
  200. Obama Obama Gave Authorization for Deadly Force Against Somali Pirates
  201. Texas is finally going to secede!
  202. Drug Decriminalization in Portugal
  203. Republican Astroturffing douchebaggery; Teabagging, grass roots it ain't.
  204. Mao Zedong: National Hero?
  205. To Run or Not?
  206. First 100 Days
  207. Arlen Specter: Republican to Democrat
  208. David Souter Retiring from SCOTUS
  209. Republican Republicans Attack Obama Health Care Plan (Now with details from the Democrats!)
  210. Democrat Obama wants to take your lawyer away
  211. Obama Obama's stand up routine
  212. NEW TROLLING RULE: Please Read!
  213. Republican Charlie Crist Running for Senate
  214. Obama New Detainee Photos Now Not Being Released
  215. Republican GOP seeks to rebrand Democratic party...
  216. Gay Thread Split
  217. Republican NBC's Chuck Todd on the state of the GOP
  218. Obama New Head of CDC is Virulently Anti-Tobacco
  219. Obama Selects Jon Huntsman (R-Utah) as Ambassador to China
  220. Republican GOP tell Pelosi to show evidence or apologize.
  221. Republican And He Shall Be Judged
  222. Nancy Pelosi
  223. Democrats Bitch Out on Closing Gitmo
  224. Bristol Palin runs her mouth about teen sex
  225. Milo in Office/Future Campaign...
  226. Democrat Dick Durbin (D-IL) Talks Gitmo Prisoners in USA
  227. North Korea at it again....
  228. Obama picks Sonia Sotomayor to replace Souter on Supreme Court
  229. Non-US Euro elections
  230. How much personal stuff should we taxpayers pay for our leaders?
  231. Republican Cheney admits it: Iraq was NOT linked with 9/11
  232. Obama Is said to be open to taxing health benefits to pay for health care
  233. Gun laws
  234. Non-US Current Middle Eastern Politics
  235. Domestic Terrorism - Seems DHS was correct.
  236. Big Business Wants it Both Ways
  237. Daily Political Quick Hits
  238. Old Daily News Thread
  239. Health Care Split
  240. Republican Hypocrisy
  241. coup d'etat in IRAN
  242. Obama "Historic" Bill to babysit us all.
  243. should all states adjust traffic penatlies?
  244. Safford Unified School Dist. #1 v. Redding
  245. Obama's KENYAN birth certificate on eBay (Psst, it's a scam)
  246. Global Warming Discussion; Also, John Boehner is Childish
  247. Democrat Court Rules Franken Has Won Senate Race; Coleman Concedes
  248. FDA Panel Recommends Elimination of Vicodin and Percocet Because Americans are Stupid
  249. Communist (Mafia game lulz) SIGN UP!
  250. Republican Sarah Palin not running for re-election