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Console Combat Zero-Tolerance Rules *AKA Prison Rules* 02/24/09

Console Combat forum Rules DON'T SPAM AND DON'T FLAME First offense = Warning Second Offense = Forum Block TROLLING IS NO LONGER AGAINST FORUM RULES What does that mean? It means don't be a sucker and get baited into flaming or SPAMming by a troll. In such a circumstance, YOU would receive the warning for flaming. If you want to flame another member to your heart's content, go to the Thunderdome. It could use the activity. Image Rules 1) No bandwidth leeching. All images must either be linked from a site owned by you or a free image hosting source (e.g. 2) Images are to be used solely as an aid to help other members, whether as part of a guide or a specific question in a thread. Any other use of images will be classed as SPAM, and as such cautions and/or warnings can be issued as a result. The only exception to this is by moderator approval. 3) All rules regarding member interaction and actions can also be applied to images. As such, any image used to flame or troll another member can result in a warning for that infraction. Same applies to advertising using images and any outside links in the image. 4) Whether or not an image contributes to helping a member is a matter for the moderator the forum to decide, with normal moderator discretion principles applying. As a result moderators may wish to lay out their own guidelines as to what constitutes a legitimate image for the purposes of helping other members.




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